The hysteria is even getting to me. I came at this article with half a notion of revising my position on the H1N1 Swine flu, and probably urging all of you to stampede your way to the nearest vaccination center, shove a few hundred people aside, and demand to be immediately jabbed.

So… I did a little research. While it doesn’t seem to be human nature to let facts get in the way of “feelings”, I like to back up my all too ready opinions with at least some foundation.

We’re going nuts. The last couple of days saw hundreds of clinics open across the country to provide vaccinations. A couple of months ago, surveys indicated that a great many Canadians were less than excited about getting vaccinated for H1N1, in fact it was of great concern to health officials that interest in the shots by the general public didn’t mirror their hopes for coverage. That seems to have changed– no doubt due to the media attention, and the accidental or intended messages that health officials have been sending.
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Trust Me

I don’t suppose you noticed a certain lack of trust creeping into our world lately. As I scanned through Saturday’s paper, examples of why this might be the case leaped off every page.

When scandals break, I always wrestle with the question of, “Is this something new?” Our world is a goldfish bowl, particularly for anyone who is in a leadership role, and the cluster of news reporters and camera people permanently camped outside courts and police stations is evidence of that. Is it just that we are finding out more? Is the behavior nothing new, but is the scrutiny, with technology exposing more and more, bringing what was always there to our attention? Or, is it that at the same time, technology is allowing those who would betray our trust to expand their deceit to new areas?

In Nova Scotia, every news report lately is from the pack snarling at the heels of Bishop Raymond Lahey, disgraced prelate of the Antigonish Diocese, Chancellor of St. Francis Xavier University, caught two weeks ago entering Canada after what appears to have been a “sex-tourism” jaunt to southeast Asia, his laptop computer containing explicit photos of children engaged in sex acts. This betrayal of the trust of those he led was an extreme betrayal for many, since he had just recently brokered a settlement with young men abused by local priests in the past, acting as a person these victims could finally “trust”.
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