It’s rampant!

By chance I was reading a book on the O.J. Simpson trial this morning, where the author went to great lengths to support his belief that incompetence is rampant in modern society (as obvious prelude to his comments about the trial). He’s certainly correct on that, and it’s all a part of a larger problem that I’ll comment on some time.

I glanced over my book to see Stephane Dion in what was apparently his TV address, comments supporting the coalition plan, comments that were supposed to arrive at CTV in time to air immediately following Harper’s address to the nation last night, and never did. Dion was on the receiving end of a lot of free shots last night as the reporters tried to fill time with frequently inane comments (like the one that “the Governor-General might consult her hairdresser” on the current issues, this from Lloyd Robertson—who should know better— a comment that my wife immediate labelled “sexist”). The camera turned then to reporter Robert Fife for comment, and he confessed he “didn’t hear the question because I was checking my email”. One shot they did get off about Dion & Co. was the obvious “how can they expect to govern Canada if they can’t get an important tape to the studio as promised?”

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