Dangerous Land

Call me overly cautious if you like, but while I might spend wait time reading a magazine in a dentist office, an optometrist office, or even the offices of most medical specialists, I will not touch one with a barge pole in the waiting room of a GP. I don’t think I have any unusual aversion to germs, and seem to have pretty good immunity, but when I glance around to all the people sniffing, snorting, sneezing, snuffing onto hands and newsprint, I can’t help but think that the out-of-date magazines, particularly in the humid weather of this summer, might make ideal camping ground for all kinds of sub-visual critters.

If you want to see the worst side of automobiles, visit a repair shop, or even the extreme of a junkyard. If illness, human damage, and just general germs are your passion, let’s face it, that stuff is in abundance in medical facilities like doctor’s offices and hospitals– our locations for salvation from illness and damage, but many times dangerous places to be in, particularly as the patient.

Many wonderful things take place in our hospitals, many dedicated people work there, fantastic technology makes breakthroughs that never could have taken place even a decade ago, but danger unfortunately lurks in the long tile corridors as well.
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