And now Tori

So first we have Karissa Boudreau, and now Tori Stafford. We can only shake our heads and ask, “What kind of a world are we living in?”

Is this sickness something new? I think not. That’s both good and bad. If it were entirely new, we might expect it to be growing, which I certainly hope it isn’t. I suspect this kind of thing happened throughout history, but one reason it’s in our face every year or so is the media of today—we live in a much smaller world. While in 1960 we might not have been presented the story of a situation in Woodstock, Ontario, in 2009 it gets delivered to us daily until it’s over (and then some). There may be some argument that with the Internet and other such things, child pornography has grown and triggered this kind of crime. I don’t know. Often investigations of such relationships indicate that while it might seem more blatant today, it was unfortunately always there. Continue reading

The Swine Flu . . .

So we are on the threshold of a “pandemic”?

Several students from the King’s-Edgehill private school in Windsor, Nova Scotia brought Swine Flu home as souvenirs of a visit to Mexico, resulting in media focus on them as Canada’s first group of victims. Word now is that these students have mainly worked their way through this, as they normally would with “The Flu”, though, again like normal flu, there has been spread to others.

I have to feel things are a little over the top with “Swine Flu”, now officially dubbed H1N1– a wonderful name for the man on the street to remember. This Influenza is another strain of Influenza-A virus. Health officials in nations all over the world have been threatening us for the last decade with horror stories of “pandemics”, and no doubt they are now excited about having something to act on. The “pandemic” term refers to the spread of the virus into a number of countries, unlike an “epidemic” that might be restricted to only one area.
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