Stimulated yet?

I certainly haven’t been very productive with this blog lately… where does the time go? Perhaps it’s part of the winter mentality, where we just hunker down and hold our breath, waiting for spring.

At least spring seems to be coming to our area of the Maritimes. Snow only exists in the woods or sheltered areas, and the sun has been shining brightly the past few days (though sometimes it isn’t as warm outside as a view from the window would suggest). Officially, spring is supposed to arrive in less than a week, so I guess we’re entitled.

For the last two months, as we worked our way through the worst of winter, we have been treated to never-ending talk of economic “stimulus”. Provincial stimulus talk lately (perhaps only as pre-election promises); before that, federal talk and legislation. We even hear international stimulus talk and see changes as nations struggle with getting out of this quagmire of recession.

And will it work? Perhaps, but I have my doubts if it will cooperate with the schedule that is promised, at least in Canada. We have enjoyed the luxury in Canada of having governments that seldom go to extremes, though in our limited experience we might at times think they do. I can’t recall the last time that armed men strode into the House of Commons and announced they were taking over the government, fed up with the rule of those in power—though it might be welcome much of the time. We are accustomed to little moves, the tweaking and adjusting of the nation’s business, a government that just muddles about, always ready to pull back if voters get too offended.
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