Rockin’ to the Oldies

I know that the Baby Boomers like myself have been controlling most of western society for the last decades, and I know that we have also been controlling much of the radio airwaves for a while as well, resulting in the abundance of “easy listening”, “gold rock”, and similar approaches to programming as an attempt to please us, but to be honest, judging from the irritating stuff from our local stations in this area, I thought the effect was fading.

No so, it seems. Either we still hold tremendous sway or are dragging a lot of younger people with us for the musical ride.

Witness the excitement over Paul McCartney possibly playing an outdoor concert at the Halifax Commons this summer. Witness the excitement over the Eagles playing outdoors at Moncton this summer. Witness the attendance figures of the Rolling Stones concerts in Moncton and Halifax in the last couple of years.

Are there no music stars able to draw these kinds of crowds from the younger artists? Or are the younger artists just not interested in grassy fields in Maritime cities?

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