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meQuite a while ago, during the 1980’s, I wrote a column for the Shelburne CoastGuard Newspaper called “Through a Single Window” (and for a little while one as well under an alias for another local paper, The Guardian, called “From Across the Bay”).  At the time, many favorable comments indicated that people were enjoying my opinion on a variety of matters, and occasionally I provoked them to disagree and debate the issue.  The blog title, by the way, comes from Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, where he says, “life’s best seen through a single window”.

I stopped the column when I went off to Halifax for a sabbatical year, and never took it up again– coming up with something to write was a chore during a busy work week as a teacher, and sometimes my mind was rather blank just before a deadline.

Having a bit more time at the moment, and with the Internet allowing a person to be his own publisher, I thought I would join the “blog” (web log) movement and offer my opinions once again.

Not being faced with a deadline, I’ll try to write something perhaps monthly, or whenever the urge strikes me.  I hope you can bookmark/favorite the page in your browser, check back now and then and read what I offer, and make any comments that you wish.  I have it set so you can comment without having to subscribe or anything, though your comment won’t appear until I preview it, to catch any spam that might come my way.   Your email address will not show up in your comment, though your name will. First Name only is fine; I’ll likely recognize you. Click on “Comments”, or “Replies” at the base of an article to bring up a display of comments, and a box to type yours.

I send out a little email notice to friends when I’ve written another article, and can do that for you as well. Email me at fwpcp@eastlink.ca if you want me to do this, or if you wish to comment privately.

Francis  Perry
Barrington, Nova Scotia


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