Crisis Response

The earthquake crisis in Haiti shocks us with every news report. Tens of thousands are dead at this point, and even more tragic is that thousands more may be living, buried under fallen buildings, not to be rescued in time.

The attempts at rescue and relief are impressive, though hampered still by trying to get operational in an area in full devastation from the quake.

Indications from Canadian relief agencies show Canadian giving for Haiti is breaking all records, though this will all be needed and more before the situation is stable. Haiti is on everyone’s mind—at the Golden Globes awards last night most participants were wearing ribbons as symbols of concern for the crisis, and a telethon hosted by George Clooney was announced for Friday evening. Earlier that day, four of the best tennis players in the world hosted a charity match with proceeds for Haiti. Fund-raising ideas like this are being implemented by people as diverse as media superstars and neighbourhood priests.

Something struck me as the first news of the quake and the tragic loss of life was announced. Early reports listed immediate action by some nations: United States, Canada, Britain, the European nations.

“That list sounds familiar”, I thought. There is a common thread there. Continue reading