12-year old Karissa Boudreau first disappeared on January 27, after apparently having an argument with her mother, Penny. Penny indicated that she had left Karissa in the car and gone into the Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Sobey’s Supermarket for a few minutes, and that Karissa was gone when she returned to the car.

For most of us, the situation just deteriorated from there. I knew Penny from high school, and she and Karissa used to come to our church for Sunday School when they were living in this area. My first reaction, when the disappearance was reported in the news, was that this was a situation of a girl, smarting from a disagreement, who was temporarily hiding out at a friend’s home to teach her mother a lesson.

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US Elections – A Primer

There are some who are saying that 2008 will be a watershed election year in the US; that somehow, things will change, that American politics will not be the same, not matter what the results. That could be true, but it’s a line we have heard before in more than one country’s elections.

Certainly it seems to surpass all previous elections as far as preparation. While the behind-the-scenes work likely started years ago, certainly things have been front and centre for over a year now, with final elections still eight months away and no likelihood of the tempo changing other than the trimming of the candidates down to one a party. I don’t think anyone, this side of the border or not, has seen this level of electioneering.
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