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Most paintings not owned by others
can be seen at JB's Restaurant, Barrington Passage, NS


Fishing boat in rough seas. Painted September 2014, large wrapped canvas, 24 X 30" Not framed, as it has a 1 1/2" wrap on the canvas stretchers. Acrylic on canvas. Boat is the Miss Ally, lost in a storm in 2013 with five on board. Originally the boat was painted with colors reversed (red - yellow), but in 2015 was changed to the true Miss Ally colors of yellow boat with red trim.


"Maelstrom" surf picture, painted October 2009. 18 X 24",
acrylic on panel. Has black frame, not shown here.


Picture of a heron down at our shore (photos taken). Acrylic on panel, painted in May 2016.

Large painting of lobster, painted early 2011. Large size, 48" X 36", unframed wrapped canvas. Located at JB's Restaurant, Barrington Passage.


Fun painting of a variety of fishing methods all going on at the same time from the same boat. A bit in the Folk Art style.


"Sandy Shore" painted spring 2012, completed May 2012. 16 X 20 acrylic on panel.


A fun painting imitating the Mona Lisa. On the larger version (click) you can see she is holding a lobster in her hand. 20 X 24" on panel. Painted January 2017.


Square Rigged sailboat. 20 X 24" on panel. Painted February 2017.


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